Dogs Rule

Dogs Rule

We understand how important man’s best friend is to our dog-loving customers so we actively welcome dogs into our bank. We even have a selection of dog goodies when you visit, including fresh water bowls and dog treats.

We're all about convenience and being a dog-friendly bank is part of this. Bring your dog when you next visit – we’d love to meet them! 

Buying a dog or a cat?

We're delighted to announce that Metro Bank refunds new and existing Metro Bank customers when they rehome a dog or a cat from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Refunds will be up to a maximum of £65 for cats and £105 for dogs.

Our passion for dogs is expanding. We're not only helping our customers provide a suitable home for homeless dogs but we're also supporting those who wish to help cats.

All customers need to do to qualify for this, is present us with the receipt*, a voucher from the BDC Home and have a Metro Bank account with a minimum credit of £100. We will then refund the money back into the Metro Bank Account.  It’s as simple as that.

*Please note we will accept receipts dated from 23 April 2012.

Dogs Rule