Fixed Rate Cash ISAs

A tax efficient way of saving cash ISA funds with interest rates guaranteed for the term of your account.

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  • A choice of 1,2,3 or 5 year terms
  • Tax free interest*
  • One lump sum deposit up to £15,240  
  • Earn interest on transferred funds even before they arrive**
  • Monthly Statements (Paperless available on request)

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*Tax free. Tax Free is the rate of interest where interest does not count towards your Personal Savings Allowance
** Not applicable to transfers which are subject to notice of withdrawal or transfers from stocks and shares ISAs. In these instances, interest will commence from the day funds are received.

  • You can apply to open a Fixed Rate Cash ISA if you are 16 or over and are a UK resident and have a National Insurance Number. Please bring your National Insurance number with you when you come in to store to open a cash ISA
  • You can only subscribe to one cash ISA in a tax year
  • If you think you may need access to your money during the term, you should consider our Instant Access Cash ISA from which withdrawals can be made
  • We will contact you at least 30 days before your Fixed Rate ISA matures to advise you of your maturity options. If we do not hear from you, your account will transfer to an Instant Access ISA on maturity
  • Transfers in to your Cash ISA must be made within 30 days of you opening your Fixed Rate Cash ISA

The Savings Summary Box can be found on the Important Information Summary below.  Please download and read full details for this product below.

Fixed Rate Cash ISA Important Information Summary
Our Service Relationship with Personal Customers 

Interest Rates:

Term Balance AER*
1 Year £1+ 1.15%
2 Year £1+ 1.30%
3 Year £1+ 1.50%
5 Year £1+ 1.75%
  • Interest at the date of opening guaranteed for the term from the opening date.  Fixed Rate ISA is converted to an Instant Access Cash ISA on maturity.
  • Interest is paid free from UK income tax and capital gains tax
  • Interest is calculated daily and is paid annually on or around the 5th of April each year

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*AER (Annual Equivalent Rate). This is a notional rate used for interest paying accounts which illustrates what the interest would be if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.

Apply in any Metro Bank Store

You can apply for a Fixed Rate Cash ISA in any Metro Bank Store.

You will need the following information to hand to help speed up the process:

  • Address details
  • National Insurance number 
  • Nominated bank account details

Information relating to any ISAs you may like to transfer (for example: existing provider bank details).

For accounts opened by post or telephone, you will need a valid passport or photo driving licence to close your account in a Metro Bank Store.

You can download information on what you will need to open an account with Metro Bank here.

Fixed Rate Cash ISAs