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2021 financial results

It’s time to review our performance last year. We’re excited for what’s to come in 2022 as we continue to bring people-people banking to customers across the UK. We’re so proud to have supported our communities through another challenging year by keeping our stores open longer than most other high-street banks. Here’s a short video summing up our financial performance for the year:

Our year in facts and figures

We kept our stores open

Throughout the pandemic, our stores stayed open for customers who needed us.

We checked the piggy bank

Our deposits grew by 2% across the year to £16.4 billion in total.

We lent a hand during tough times…

To our customers and local businesses, we’ve lent more than £1.6 billion though government loan schemes to date^.

…and navigated our way through them, too

Our underlying loss before tax was £171 million, reflecting where we are in our turnaround plan.

We said hello

We now service 2.5 million customer accounts – it’s great to have you all with us.

^Metro Bank 2021 financial results published on 23 February 2022

Publication: 23 February 2022