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April 2012

Community event

Bromley Adopt-a-thon

28th April 2012 29th April 2012 09:00am 08:00pm

Metro Bank will be rehoming dogs and cats at our Bromley Store Adopt-a-thon

March 2012

Store opening

High Wycombe Grand Opening

16th March 2012 17th March 2012 09:00am 08:00pm

Despite the rain on Saturday, the 11th store opening at High Wycombe was a huge success and drew large crowds

Community event

Borehamwood Adopt-a-thon

3rd March 2012 4th March 2012 09:00am 08:00pm

For the third time, Metro Bank's Borehamwood store has hosted a rehoming event for canines currently with the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

December 2011

Store opening

Hounslow Grand Opening Celebration

16th December 2011 17th December 2011 09:00am 05:00pm

The opening of Metro Bank's 10th store at Hounslow was a great success!

Community event

Santa at Metro Bank

11th December 2011 09:00am 08:00pm

All Metro Bank stores proudly hosted a day with Santa

Community event

Borehamwood Christmas Lights

4th December 2011 04:00pm 08:00pm

Hundreds of people came down and all walked out with Metro bags, balloons, lollies and information on Metro and our upcoming event with Santa

October 2011

Store opening

Uxbridge Grand Opening Celebration

28th October 2011 29th October 2011 09:00am 08:00pm

Our Uxbridge grand opening was a huge success!

Community event

High Street Kensington Adopt-a-thon

15th October 2011 16th October 2011 09:00am 08:00pm

Dogs Rule Weekend was absolutely fantastic at High Street Kensington

September 2011

Community event

NICOLA Art Market

24th September 2011 25th September 2011 09:00am 08:00pm

In association with Metro Bank, NICOLA proudly presented their newest project, Art Market, on the 24th and 25th of September 2011.

Community event

Borehamwood Adopt-a-thon

17th September 2011 18th September 2011 09:00am 08:00pm

Metro Bank, along with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and the Kennel Club, rehomed two dogs at the Dogs Rule Adopt-a-thon at our Borehamwood store