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Press releases

December 2021


How much is that doggie in the window really worth?

Metro Bank reveals how a canine shop dog assistant could be a small business’ best friend to get ahead on the high street.


Women’s Business

Metro Bank has a dedicated team tackling funding, mentoring and networking for female business leaders.

October 2021


The Future of The High Street Lies 400 Years In The Past

Metro Bank publishes new independent report which predicts what the successful high street of tomorrow could look like, and it’s not what you may think


Spoofing Scams Are Metro Bank’s October Scam of the Month

The UK’s community bank, Metro Bank, is offering consumer guidance about the rise in spoofing scams. Spoofing is the act of disguising a communication, so that it appears to be from a known trusted source but is designed to enable a scammer to defraud you.

July 2021


Metro Bank Helps SMEs Fight Cybercrime

Metro Bank, the UK’s community bank, has teamed up with a new anti-crime initiative to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) protect themselves against cybercrime with free advice, practical help and training.

June 2021


New polling from Metro Bank suggests stormy waters ahead for some UK SMEs

Metro Bank has commissioned polling which identifies the difficulties faced by many small businesses in the current climate.


Metro Bank launches first campaign to empower small businesses

Metro Bank today launches a new brand and marketing campaign, demonstrating its commitment to empowering the UK’s small businesses and underlining its highly-rated business banking offering.

May 2021


Pandemic sets back competition in banking, leaving consumers and SMEs worse off

New research by the Social Market Foundation (SMF) in partnership with Metro Bank has revealed the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic has set back competition in banking.

April 2021


First UK Masters level apprentices in banking & finance graduate with flying colours

Colleagues at Metro Bank, the UK’s best community bank, have become the first in the UK to complete the Masters level apprenticeship for senior banking professionals.

November 2020


Metro Bank improves Buy to Let stress rates and criteria as it launches into more specialist mortgages

Metro Bank announces changes to its criteria for Buy to Let lending, designed to make the bank a more specialist lender to support its growing number of customers.


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