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invest in your future

Borrowing money to grow your business

Whether you need to buy more equipment or just need to smooth your cash flow, we can help. If you want to understand your options, talk to your Local Business Manager or Relationship Manager.

Loans and overdrafts

Loans from £2,000 upwards designed to suit all sizes of business – with fixed and variable rates available. Or get an overdraft to use only when you need it.

Business credit card

A credit card gives you a flexible way to organise your business expenditure. There’s one simple low rate of 13% APR representative (variable) for all customers.

Asset finance

Spread the cost of your large capital expenditure for things like plant and machinery with asset finance.

Invoice discounting

Boost your working capital by converting your invoices for cash, but maintaining your customer relationships.

APR stands for annual percentage rate. It’s intended to give you a more accurate idea of how much you are being charged when you borrow money. It takes into account the interest on the loan and other charges you have to pay, for example any arrangement fee. 

How to choose the right finance for your business

How to choose the right finance for your business

If you are looking to grow your business and need money to help – for example to expand production by getting new machinery, or buy new premises – knowing the available alternatives can help you choose the most suitable option to match your needs. 

Think through your ambitions for your business and what you can achieve in a given timeframe. Make sure your goals are practical and realistic. Because we take a real interest in your business, we'll want to hear all about your plans. To help you evaluate the right way forward for your business you’ll want to consider:

  • What do you need the money for?
  • How much you want to borrow?
  • How quickly you need the money?
  • How long will you need to repay the money?
  • If you are prepared to offer collateral against any borrowing – for example your home?
  • What the current and future financial shape of your business is like?

Once you’ve got a clear idea of your needs you can discuss your options with your Local Business Manager.

What we consider

What we consider

To help you put together your plan, here are some useful pointers on how we look at your business and what helps us make the decision to lend you money.

Your track record

We consider your track record and approach towards running a business. A good credit history always helps us build a picture of your character as a sound borrower.


We like to understand how committed you are to making a success of the business. This means comparing the amount of money you are borrowing with how much you have already invested in the business.

Cash flow

We look for evidence that your business can afford to pay back what you want to borrow. Records of your business cash flow to date or any future projections will help create a fuller picture of your finances.

Financial statements

These are always helpful and where possible we like to see income statements and balance sheets for the last three years


Business Overdrafts

Get help when you need it most, with a fixed rate for arranged overdrafts of less than £25,000 and no hidden fees.


Protecting your money

Your eligible deposits with Metro Bank are protected by the FSCS.