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What is PSD2 and how might it impact you?

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a piece of European payments-related legislation which came into effect on 13 January 2018. It aims to increase competition in the payments industry, introduce new types of payment services and improve customer protection and security.

Two parts of PSD2 you’ll want to know about are account information sharing and payment initiation.

Account information sharing

This will let you view all of your account information in one place, even if you have accounts across multiple banks. If you give your express permission to let them access your data, places like comparison sites will be able to sift through the information and find products that suit your needs.

From April 2018, you can authorise a third-party company to view your Metro Bank financial information on their mobile app or website. Only Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved companies will be allowed to access this data, and only with your permission.

Payment initiation

With the new PSD2 regulations, you’ll have more payment options when buying goods or services. Instead of having to pay through a third-party (like Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards, or with a company like PayPal), you’ll be able to pay directly out of your bank account.

This lets you pay the vendor directly. We’ll let you know more about this service and when it’ll launch as soon as we have more information.

Is PSD2 the same as Open Banking?

Although some outlets use PSD2 interchangeably, they’re actually different things. PSD2 is legislation from the European Union (EU), while Open Banking is something the UK Government has implemented to make sure the biggest UK banks allow account information sharing and to encourage competition in the industry.

How will we keep your information safe?

Firstly, it’s completely up to you if you want to use any of these services once they’re available. If you give us permission to share your information, Metro Bank will carefully vet all third-party companies before allowing them access to your data.

Any third-parties who offer Account Information Sharing and Payment Initiation will need to be registered with and regulated by the FCA. You can see a list at

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about PSD2 on the following sites:

Got some more questions?

  • Can I see my account information from other banks on the Metro Bank online banking website or app?

    While we have no immediate plans to offer this service, we will be giving you the option to share your Metro Bank account data with authorised providers as of April 2018.  

  • I’m a third party company developer. I need to access the Metro Bank developer portal so that I can build an application which allows customers to view and manage their account information in one place. How can I access this?

    You can find all details about how to consume our APIs on our developer site, which will be available soon.

  • Which of my Metro Bank accounts will be impacted by PSD2?

    PSD2 covers all personal and business payment accounts. This means all our Current Accounts, Cash Accounts, Credit Cards (account information sharing only) and Instant Access Savings accounts.

  • Do I have to use this service?

    This service is completely optional, meaning you can choose whether you wish to use it or not based on your preference.

  • What happens if I have any further questions? Who can I speak to?

    You can call us 24/7 on 0345 08 08 500 or visit us in store 7 days a week.