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Your money, Your choice

Making the most of business deposit accounts

Looking to earn a better return on extra cash? The right business deposit account can make it easier to reach your goals. 

Instant access savings

A straightforward option – earn interest on your savings and make withdrawals at any time.

Saving for a goal

Plan ahead for major purchases or tax bills with notice and fixed term accounts. While you won’t get instant access, you can earn a better return on your money.

Managing client funds

We offer dedicated, interest-earning accounts for businesses that need to hold funds for clients or other third parties. 

Multiple accounts for multiple goals

Multiple accounts for multiple goals

You don't have to put all of your business capital into one type of account. You can mix instant access and fixed term accounts to match different needs.

For example, you'll want to keep working capital or emergency funds in an instant access account. But once that's covered, you can move additional funds into a fixed term or notice account. The longer the fixed term, the higher the rate is likely to be. This way you can maximise the interest you earn while saving. 

If your business involves holding money for clients, you'll probably need to put that in a dedicated third party deposit account that meets industry and professional regulations. But even with a client monies deposit account you can choose between instant access or fixed term, with the option to close the account early, depending on your situation.

Timing your fixed term deposits

Timing your fixed term deposits

Fixed term accounts can earn you more interest than instant access deposits. But before you commit, you’ll want to double check your timing, since you won’t be able to withdraw any funds before the end of the term. So if you’re saving for a goal, be sure to choose a term that ends before you need the funds. 

Keep emergency planning in mind as well before you open a fixed term account. You’ll want to make sure you keep enough funds in easily accessible savings to handle any unexpected problems. 

Save easily with internet banking

Save easily with internet banking

Sweep spare cash from your current account into a deposit account effortlessly with our online banking tools. You can schedule regular transfers, or choose to sweep money yourself whenever you like. 

If you have a client monies account, internet banking is ideal. You can manage large numbers of client accounts from your desk with just one system.

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