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flexible saving as your business grows

Community Instant Access Deposit Account

Our straightforward Community Instant Access Deposit Account is a flexible savings option just for clubs, societies and charities. Start building a nest egg for your organisation with the reassurance that you can withdraw your cash at any time in case you're faced with an unexpected expense.

Boost Your Savings

Put your savings to work with 0.35% AER (variable) interest. The more you put away, the more interest you could earn.

Easy access to your cash

Need to pay for something? Access your money whenever you need to.

No hidden fees

There's no monthly fee, no set-up fee and no minimum deposit. We do charge for some banking services though.

What you need to know

We’re up front with our customers about everything. We’ve created this handy summary of our Community Instant Access Deposit Account key features so you can see the important information from the get-go.

Interest rateMinimum balanceInterest payment frequency
0.35% AER (variable) None   Monthly or annually (calculated daily)

AER stands for annual equivalent rate. It shows what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

Variable means we may change these rates and charges from time to time, or introduce new charges. If this means you’ll earn less interest, we’ll let you know beforehand.


This account is exclusively for clubs, societies and charities. You need to have:

  • A maximum of 250 employees
  • An annual turnover of less than £36 million
  • A balance sheet value of less than £31 million

Opening an account

Open in store – we’re open 7 days a week, including after work and at weekends. 

For more information please call the Business Team on 0345 08 08 508 or simply talk to your Relationship Manager.

Find out what you need to open an account.

Your account and tax

Since 6 April 2016 interest on savings has been paid without tax being deducted. For more information, please ask contact the Business Team on 0345 08 08 508.

Charges for banking services

There are no fees for this account, but we do charge for some of our banking services.

Service Charge
Issuing a banker’s cheque £15 per item
Stopping a banker’s cheque £10 per item
Copy or duplicate statements £5 per statement

Get all the details to read at your leisure

Download our PDF to read when you like - it contains all the ins and outs of our Community Instant Access Deposit Account.

Community Instant Access Deposit Account Details (PDF)(42KB)

Our Service Relationship with Business Customers (PDF)(1.1MB)

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Got a question? Find your answers here. 

  • Where can I find the rate for my Metro Bank account that’s now closed to new Business Customers?

    You can find the rates for any account that is not listed on the current rates page set out in Rates for Closed Business Products.

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