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Existing Customers and Rate Switching Products

For existing customers

  • A portal designed specifically for Intermediaries to help customers switch mortgage deals online.
  • Customers switching via the portal will benefit from no legal or valuation fees with the added option of switching up to three months early without incurring an early repayment charge. If your customer finds a mortgage rate they’d like to switch to, you will need to tell us 10 days before the current mortgage rate ends.
  • Mortgage customers with loans up to £2m can choose from our best rates with reduced buy-to-let fees.
  • Existing buy-to-let mortgages are stressed at 140% of the mortgage interest amount calculated at 5.5% for total aggregated borrowing.
  • Intermediary Procuration fees of up to 0.3% paid on all broker keyed rate switches.
  • To access the Switching Portal, please log in here.
  • If you need more information contact your local BDM or our helpdesk on 0203 427 1019 - Visit this page to find out who your local BDM is.

Existing Mortgage Customers

Products for customers wanting to switch to a new deal or take a further advance on their existing property.

More information

Download our PDF to read when you like.

Buy-to-let mortgage products for Existing Customers (PDF) (133KB)

Completing a Further Advance, Transfer of Equity, Term Change or Port

If your customer would like to make changes to their current Metro Bank mortgage, please follow our simple guide below. These changes include the following:

  • Further Advances
  • Porting of the loan (substitution of property)
  • Transfer of Equity (substitution, removal or addition of a borrower)
  • Change of repayment type
  • Change of Term
  • Mid-term rate switches

Download our PDF to read when you like.

Guide to completing a Further Advance, Transfer of Equity, Term Change or Port (PDF)(73KB)

For further information please email , contact your BDM or call our Broker Helpdesk on 0203 427 1019


Mortgage customers with Metro Bank with either a Residential or a Buy to Let mortgage have the option of overpaying on top of their usual monthly payments. By making use of this they could save a considerable amount of interest and may also help to repay their mortgage earlier.

For our Residential mortgage customers they can overpay by 20% a year and up to 10% for our Buy to Let customers. The amount they can overpay each year without incurring any early repayment charges is determined on the initial amount borrowed and then subsequently on what their mortgage balance is each time they switch to a new rate.

To avoid any early repayment charges customers should avoid exceeding their annual overpayment allowance, details of early repayment charges are shown in the mortgage offer.

About overpayments

Mortgage customers can make an overpayment at any point during their mortgage. The minimum overpayment is £500.

If they make any overpayments, we’ll reduce their mortgage balance immediately and send them details of their new monthly mortgage payment.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to make underpayments or take payment holidays.

Please note that the payment must come from a personal account in the name of the mortgage customer, third party payments or payments from a business account cannot be accepted.

How do customers make an overpayment?

There are a variety of overpayment methods available.

To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Metro Bank PLC, quoting the account number on the reverse and send the cheque to us at Metro Bank, Mortgage Admin Team, PO Box 1130, Uxbridge, UB8 9XX.

Payment can also be made directly into the mortgage account, using the following details. Please quote the mortgage account number as the reference.

Bank Name:                       Metro Bank PLC

Account Name:                 Metro Bank PLC – Mortgages

Account Number:             12994907

Sort Code:                          23-05-80

Reference:                          (Please quote the individual 8 digit mortgage account)

Helpful Information and Contact Details

Existing Metro Bank customer with either a residential or a buy-to-let mortgage with us, wanting to know more about the ins and out of their mortgage? We have some frequently asked questions that may help. 

Residential mortgage customers

Buy-to-let mortgage customers