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Existing Customers and Rate Switching Products

For existing customers

  • A portal designed specifically for Intermediaries to help customers switch mortgage deals online.
  • Intermediary Procuration fees of up to 0.2% are being paid;
  • Customers switching via the portal will benefit from no legal or valuation fees with the added option of switching up to three months early without incurring an early repayment charge.
  • Existing Residential mortgage customers benefit from zero product fees on loans up to £2m while buy-to-let customers receive 50% off fees when switching.
  • To access the Switching Portal, please log in by clicking here
  • If you need more information contact your local BDM or our helpdesk on 0203 427 1019 - Click here to find out who your local BDM is.

Existing Mortgage Customers - Residential and Buy to Let

Products for customers wanting to switch to a new deal or take a further advance on their 
existing property.

More information

Download our PDF to read when you like.

Residential Mortgage Products for Existing Customers (PDF)(101KB)

Buy to Let Mortgage Products for Existing Customers (PDF) (877KB)