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Professional Buy to Let Products

Product range for professional landlords

  • Available for Limited Companies, LLP’s and professional individual investors. Lending to Limited Companies and LLP’s will require debentures and full personal guarantees, on a joint and several basis, from all directors and shareholders.
  • An aggregated view of the portfolio will be made to assess affordability, LTV, and overall acceptability using a rental calculation 125% at a stress rate of 5.5% or 2% above pay rate (whichever is higher) for Limited Companies and LLP's and 140% at a stress rate of 5.5% or 2% above pay rate (whichever is higher) for professional individual investors on products other than 5 year fixed rates. For 5 year fixed rates the stress rate is 5%.
  • Available up to 75% LTV aggregated at portfolio level
  • An annual overpayment of 10% of the initial amount borrowed is allowed without incurring an Early Repayment Charge
  • Our professional buy-to-let mortgages are available for customers with a maximum of 25 properties with Metro Bank (Unlimited portfolio size)
  • The minimum single loan size per property is £250,000 - below this amount it will be referred to the Commercial Team
  • The product fee can be added to the loan
  • Available on an interest only basis - maximum term 25 years
  • Please refer to our Professional Buy to Let Lending Guide for more details.

Enquiries should be sent to the Commercial Real Estate Team

Telephone: 0203 427 1457