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Canterbury Metro Bank Guides New Students During Freshers Week

11th September 2023

Canterbury Metro Bank is helping new students attending Canterbury University with simple, practical guidance about how to set up a bank account and navigate managing their own finances. Colleagues from the St George’s Street store will be on hand throughout Freshers’ Week which starts from September 18th. Students popping into the store will receive a complimentary welcome pack including information and pens, highlighters and lollies.

“University undergraduates will be moving away from home and managing their finances for the first time so the most fundament requirement will be to set up a bank account,” commented Darian Lewis, Local Business Manager, Canterbury Metro Bank.  “The rules are different for overseas students, but for domestic students they will need one proof of identify, together with two proofs of their home address to open a bank account. The most important thing to remember is that they need the original documents – we cannot accept photocopies or digital documents.”

Proof of identity is as simple as a current passport or driving licence, whilst proof of address includes a current credit card statement or mobile phone bill (within three months), current car insurance policy, or any HMRC or Department of Work and Pensions documentation.

“Once we can prove identity, the account opening is unbelievably easy and more importantly same day with Metro Bank,” adds Lewis.  “We not only print our cards instore, but also as we are open seven days and week, evenings and weekends - students can pop in with no appointment needed and have a chat with a real person and then leave fully ready with a working bank account and card.  Being able to print our cards instantly in store is a real bonus and many students having celebrated starting university a bit too well often need to avail themselves of this facility after their card gets “lost” at some point in the previous evening’s celebrations!”

Metro Bank’s Canterbury store which can be found at 2 St. George's Street, Canterbury, CT1 2SR.The store is open Monday – Saturday: 8.30am - 6pm. Sunday: 11am - 5pm.