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'Managing the cost of living' blog

The rising costs of living affects all of us. This is a particularly challenging time for many people and we want you to know we are here to help.

We have teamed up with personal finance expert and journalist Simon Read to share his budgeting tips and pointers that can help your money go further, help you make savings, and help you respond to the squeeze on your finances.

"Rising prices are putting serious pressure on people’s finances. In this blog I’ll suggest tips to help you through the cost of living crisis."

Learn more about Simon Read

Simon Read was personal finance editor at The Independent newspaper and now reports on finance matters for the BBC, The Evening Standard, The I Paper and The Sun. He champions consumer rights and is a commentator on a range of TV and radio shows, such as Watchdog on BBC1, Sky News, Channel 5 News, Radio 5 Live, LBC and Talk Radio. He was a money expert on three series of the BBC1 TV show Right On The Money and presented a BBC Radio 4 documentary on fraud as well as battling for fair treatment from companies in his Moneywise Fights For Your Rights column.

Blog articles

Money saving tips

Top tips on the cost of living

Hasn’t it been a rollercoaster year for our finances! Forget about the political woes, think about how this period of turmoil has hit your own purse or wallet.

Budget for Christmas

Avoid a financial hangover

With inflation currently topping 11%, prices in late 2022 are a lot higher than last December, which means this Christmas is going to come at a much bigger cost.

New Year's Resolutions

Save money in 2023

I’m not one for making New Year resolutions – they can put too much pressure on people. However the start of another year is a good time to take stock.

New Year holiday plans

We all need a holiday…

One of the key elements to budgeting successfully is accepting you need to spend money on occasional frivolities as well as day-to-day essentials.

How to avoid being scammed

Tips on fraud

What would you think if someone knocked on your door and told you that your bank account had been hacked?

Budgeting tips

After the Government's Budget

Anyone who had been hoping the Spring Budget would solve their cost of living worries at a stroke would have been disappointed.