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Valuation fee scale

Our valuation fee depends on the property value:

Property value up to

Fee for Standard Valuation

£200,000 £130
£250,000 £180
£300,000 £200
£350,000 £240
£400,000 £250
£450,000 £275
£500,000 £300
£600,000 £345
£700,000 £420
£750,000 £420
£1,000,000 £550
£1,250,000 £755
£1,500,000 £875
£1,750,000 £995
£2,000,000 £1,200
£3,000,000 £1,400
£4,000,000 £1,810
£5,000,000 £2,220
£6,000,000 £3,720
£7,000,000 £4,440
£8,000,000 £5,070
£9,000,000 £5,695
£10,000,000 £6,320
Over £10,000,000 POA

Standard valuation

As part of a mortgage application, we will arrange a standard valuation.

The valuation is only for Metro Bank’s use. We use it to help us decide whether we can accept the mortgage application, and how much we can lend.

This valuation is completed either:

  • by a qualified surveyor in person or remotely (digital), or
  • by using an automated valuation model (AVM).

Mortgage Offers are valid for 180 days (270 days for New Build Properties) from the date of the completed valuation.
If you choose to instruct the valuation at the point of application submission, using the Instruct Valuation button, the 180 days (or 270 days for new build) commences from the date of the completed valuation and as a result could impact the offer validity period.

Copies will not be provided to your customer or anyone else.

This information is also available in the Mortgage Tariff (PDF).

Property surveys

A property survey is different to a standard valuation. Whilst a standard valuation helps the Bank understand the value of the property, it does not provide detailed analysis of the condition of the property.

A property survey is optional, and the customer needs to arrange and pay for it.

There are different levels of property survey available at a various price points, and there may be varied approaches depending where in the UK the property and surveyor are based.

The three types of property survey available are:

  • Condition Report Level 1 – the most basic type of survey. For conventional and newer properties, this assesses the condition of key parts of the property.
  • RICS Home Survey Level 2 (previously known as Home Buyer Survey) – a detailed inspection of the inside and outside of the property and the option of a valuation. Typically, this is for properties in a reasonable condition.
  • RICS/RPSA Home Survey Level 3 (previously known as Building Survey) – the most comprehensive type of survey. This is usually instructed for larger or older properties, or if the customer is planning major works.

Legal and General Surveying Services (LGSS)

We have partnered with LGSS who provide RICS Home Survey Level 2 and RICS/RPSA Home Survey Level 3 property surveys. We do not receive any commission or incentives from LGSS.

If you would like to know more about property surveys and why they might consider having one, or if they are looking to arrange a property survey, please visit the LGSS website.

Valuations in Scotland

We cannot currently accept a home report for residential purchases in Scotland. Your customer will need to pay for our standard valuation.

Terms and conditions apply.