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We've got big plans for small business

In February 2019 we scooped a share of the Capability and Innovation Fund, giving us the chance to better meet the needs of SMEs, and shake up the business banking market. We’ll be using the money awarded to open new stores, increase our product scope, and launch new digital services.

Want to know how we’re doing? Click below to follow our journey so far, and find out what we’ve got planned for the future.



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Store Expansions Digital Innovations Product Capabilities Our Other Promises

We’ll be opening new stores in the North of England, to begin supporting local SMEs as soon as possible.

By launching game-changing digital services, we’ll help small and medium businesses grow.

We’re going to expand our range of products and services, with a focus on the needs of smaller businesses.

While our main focus is helping SME customers, we’re also committed to reporting on our progress.

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