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Trade services: make the world your marketplace

Trading with confidence overseas

Trading internationally can help your business grow, but going global doesn’t come risk-free. That’s why we work with Conance, a top trade services provider based in the UK, who can help you trade internationally with added peace of mind. Their team of experts offer support throughout the import process, while you keep complete control over your business.

How Conance can help you

  • Specialist know-how on all things international trade
  • Support for your business while you build relationships with new suppliers
  • Your trade documents taken care of, so you can spend less time on paperwork

Their products and services

If you’re importing goods, it’s essential that both you and your suppliers feel secure. To make you more comfortable, you can use trade documents to be sure each transaction meets your expectations. That’s where Conance comes in.

Documentary collections

Provides you with documents allowing you to collect your goods in exchange for payment when they arrive. Plus, you’ll know who is responsible for them at every stage of their journey – including if they get damaged or lost.

Letters of credit

Build trust by guaranteeing your suppliers will be paid on delivery. You have extra security too – if your goods aren’t as described, you don’t need to accept or pay for them.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions, speak to your Relationship Manager or Local Business Manager in store.

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