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Metro Bank is ‘boss’ for women in business

The multi-award-winning Bridewell pub in Liverpool has a fascinating history. Ironically, it was once a Victorian ‘lock up’ for ‘over-refreshed’ revellers to sober up in overnight—before being used by military police to house conscientious objectors after the Second World War.

The building then fell into disrepair until the early 1980s when it became a rehearsal studio for up-and-coming Liverpool bands like Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Echo and the Bunnymen, both destined to make history themselves. After a decade or so of being unloved again, the building was resurrected into a restaurant by TV producer Colin McKeown.

Fiona Hornsby and her husband—who also own the Denbigh Castle pub in Liverpool—bought the premises just over four years ago. They’ve turned it into an award-winning pub that has a loyal fanbase of regulars who live and work in the city centre, and also attracts sports fans, concert-goers and tourists. The pub is actively involved in the local community, and recently they have raised money for a food bank and a local boxing gym for young people with autism—as well as supporting a motor neurone disease charity, after one of their regulars who had the condition sadly passed away.

Fiona opened a Business Bank Account with Metro Bank three and a half years ago, after she decided that her previous high-street bank couldn’t offer the business support she was looking for.

The pub faced a huge challenge when COVID forced them to close their doors just nine months after opening, but Liverpool Local Business Manager Lisa called regularly to check if they needed anything. Fiona says, ‘The support we got from Metro Bank was fantastic and helped us get through.’

Lisa is particularly passionate about supporting women in business: ‘I love to see all businesses succeed, but, as a woman myself, when there's a powerful female behind that business, it's close to my heart’. Fiona spoke at Lisa’s in-store event about women being empowered within male-dominated industries, where she inspired many people talking about her experience of becoming her own boss. Fiona's advice for women thinking of starting their own business is to ‘surround yourself with positive people who believe in you’.

The two women have built a great relationship, with Lisa acting as a trusted guide to Fiona even though in the world of sport they support different teams: Fiona is a long-standing Everton season ticket holder, while Lisa’s a Liverpool fan. So in the spirit of fairness, we have to say that nothing but the best is good enough for our business customers – and you’ll never walk alone with your LBM by your side.