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Guildford Metro Bank Empower Next Generation with Money Zone Programme

7th March 2024

Kas Gregory, Charlie Lunan, and Joseph Neal, Guildford Metro Bank Colleagues, have delivered an impactful financial literacy initiative, the Money Zone Programme, at Tillingbourne Primary School. The trio’s dedication has resulted in the successful delivery of essential financial education to 88 enthusiastic students.


Money Zone is a series of financial education lessons that Metro Bank offers to children - either virtually or in store. Money Zone comprises of four sessions - budgeting, saving, banking and the last session which takes place in store gave the students a behind the scenes look at the Bank including a visit to the vault and the chance to try the coin counting Magic Money Machine. Metro Bank has delivered its Money Zone programme to over 250,000 children in 2,900 schools.

“We believe that empowering young individuals with financial literacy is essential for their future success,” commented Guildford Metro Bank Customer Service Representative, Kas Gregory. “Through the Money Zone programme, we aim to instil valuable skills and confidence in handling financial matters from an early age.”


Charlie Lunan, Guildford Metro Bank Customer Service Representative added: “As members of the community, we are keen to invest in the next generation. By collaborating with teachers and pupils at Tillingbourne Primary School, we’re able to make a give the students a great foundation on which to build their financial knowledge.”


Any schools or groups interested in Money Zone can contact their local Metro Bank store for more information. Metro Bank’s Guildford store is located at 35-37 North Street, Guildford, GU1 4TE. The store is open Monday to Saturday: 8.30am to 6pm, Sundays: 11am to 5pm. Guildford Metro Bank is also part of the Safe Space scheme – the store is available to anyone experiencing, or at risk of domestic abuse, providing the opportunity to safely call a helpline, support service or loved one.