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Meet the team

Board of Directors

Giving strong oversight to the Bank's activities, the Board sets the strategy. It’s also responsible for corporate governance and social responsibility as well as its core duty of protecting and enhancing shareholder interests.

Robert Sharpe

Chairman Read Robert's Bio

Daniel Frumkin

Chief Executive Officer Read Dan's Bio

Monique Melis

Senior Independent Director Read Monique's Bio

Catherine Brown

Board of Directors Read Catherine's Bio

Anne Grim

Board of Directors Read Anne's Bio

Ian Henderson

Board of Directors Read Ian's Bio

Paul Thandi

Board of Directors Read Paul's Bio

Michael Torpey

Board of Directors Read Michael's Bio

Nicholas Winsor

Board of Directors Read Nick's Bio

Melissa Conway

Company Secretary Read Melissa's bio

Executive Committee

Metro Bank's top leaders have decades of hands-on industry experience. The team is responsible for the effective day-to-day running of the bank and delivering the strategic objectives of the Board. 

Daniel Frumkin

Chief Executive Officer Read Dan's Bio

Martin Boyle

Chief Transformation Officer Read Martin's Bio

Tina Coates

Director, Corporate Affairs Read Tina's Bio

Carol Frost

Chief People Officer Read Carol's Bio

Marc Jenkins

Deputy Chief Financial Officer Read Marc's Bio

Aisling Kane

Chief Operating Officer Read Aisling's Bio

Richard Lees

Chief Risk Officer Read Richard's Bio

Rhydian Lewis

Managing Director, Consumer Finance Read Rhydian's Bio

Jessica Myers

Director, Brand and Marketing Read Jessica's Bio

Cheryl McCuaig

Chief Information Officer Read Cheryl's Bio

David Thomasson

Managing Director, Banking Products & Digital Read David's Bio

Ian Walters

Managing Director, Distribution Read Ian's Bio

Chit Ghee Yeoh

Director, Internal Audit Read Chit Ghee's Bio