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Coronavirus help: personal customers

I’m struggling to pay my bills, can you help?
We realise that the pandemic may have affected your finances – particularly if you’ve borrowed money from us. Our customers are always our top priority, so please call 0345 08 08 500 if you need support and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Online Banking

I haven’t used my Online Banking before, how do I register?
  • Go to 
  • You’ll need your 12-digit customer number, your Magic Word, and the last four digits of your mobile number.  If you don’t know these, please call us on 0345 08 08 500.
My details have expired, can I reset them?
  • To use Online Banking, you need your 12-digit customer number or username, your Magic Word and your security number
  • If you’ve forgotten your details, you’ll need to call us on 0345 08 08 500.
How do I download your App?
  • You can use our App 24/7 for most of your banking needs 
  • Instantly block, unblock or cancel your debit and credit cards, or order a replacement card if you need to
  • You can download our App from the App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll need your 12-digit customer number, a Magic Word (to activate the service), and the last four digits of your mobile number
  • You can visit our mobile App page for more information. 


Are you supporting customers with mortgages?

Supporting our customers is our top priority, so we may be able to help. Contact our Mortgages team by emailing or calling 0345 319 1200.


My mortgage payment holiday has finished, how can I pay back the payments I’ve missed and the accrued interest?

When your payment holiday ends, we’ll add the missed payments and the accrued interest to your outstanding mortgage balance and recalculate your monthly payment amount. We’ll send you a letter with all the details.

There are options available if your new monthly payment amount is too much, or you want to reduce the long-term impact of the payment holiday on your mortgage. You may be able to:

  • extend the term of your mortgage so that your monthly payment remains at a level you can afford, or
  • repay the missed payments and the interest accrued during the payment holiday in one go or through regular payments.

To discuss these options, and other ways we may be able to support you, get in touch with our Mortgages team via email or call 0345 319 1200.

I’m struggling with my mortgage and concerned my property may be repossessed – what should I do?

In line with wider industry, we will not carry out repossessions until 31 January 2021. Our customers are our top priority and we want them to be reassured that they will not have their homes repossessed at this difficult time. We’d encourage any customer that may be impacted by the pandemic to contact our Mortgage team as soon as possible on 0345 319 1200.

I’ve had to delay moving house because of the coronavirus – what can I do?

If your house move has been delayed, we can give you a three-month extension on your existing mortgage offer. Speak to your solicitor or mortgage advisor, and we’ll work with them to sort out the details. It’s a tough time for movers, so we hope this helps.

Credit cards & personal loans

Are you offering support for customers with credit cards?

Call us on 0345 0808 500 to talk about how we can help. You can also talk to us about this in store.
Please check here first for our latest store opening times before making your journey. 

Current Account and Cash Accounts

How can my Metro Bank current account provide support?
  • You can continue to withdraw up to £300 per day from UK cash machines
  • To make sure all our customers can access cash in store, we are temporarily waiving the requirement to give us 24 hours’ notice for withdrawals over than £1,000, and are introducing a £10,000 daily cash withdrawal limit. For any larger sums larger, you’ll need approval from the Assistant Store Manager or Store Manager.
  • You can continue to transfer money (including transfers above £5,000) online, electronically or via faster payments.


How are you supporting customers with overdrafts?
  • We waived all overdraft interest due from 1 March 2020 until 30 June 2020
  • This happened automatically and customers don’t need to contact us. For example, overdraft interest due for March still appeared on your statement as usual, but would have been refunded by us immediately.
  • If you need more help – for example, to arrange a new overdraft or increase your current limit – call us on 0345 08 08 500
  • We are receiving a very high number of calls at the moment – our team is working as quickly as possible to answer everyone, but you may have to wait longer than usual.
I’m struggling with my overdraft. What should I do and how can you help?

If you are in financial difficulty, or think you might be soon, please call our Specialist Support Team on 0345 450 3256 to talk through your situation.

Once we know the details, we can look in to the best option for you. There are a number of ways we may be able to help, such as lowering or waiving your overdraft interest, or setting up a repayment plan to make paying off your overdraft more manageable.

For extra help, you can also access free and impartial advice from the Financial Conduct Authority at or the Money Advice Service at

Chargebacks and section 75 claims for flight and holiday bookings

What happens if my airline or travel agent cancels my flight?

We encourage you to contact your travel provider in the first instance. They may offer a refund, alternative flight arrangements or future booking vouchers. If these aren’t suitable, then you should be offered a refund.

What should I do if my airline or travel agent refuses to refund me?

If you can provide evidence to support your claim, we can pursue a chargeback under scheme rules and will do our best to find a resolution for you. We’re following the latest guidelines set by Mastercard in relation to refunds and are supporting any of our customers seeking a chargeback or wising to make a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. We are treating disputes on a case by case basis due to differing terms and conditions applicable to each airline.

We may need evidence to support your claim. For example:

  • documents detailing the reason for dispute
  • correspondence between yourself and the merchant eg receipts or a letter from the seller refusing to refund you
  • email or scanned image of booking confirmation
  • description of service
  • a copy of the terms and conditions you agreed to
  • ATOL/ABTA certificates
Credit card protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act

If you paid by credit card, you may be protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This applies when a transaction has been made either completely or partially on your Metro Bank credit card, and protects you against:

  • A breach of contract eg non-receipt of the goods or services that you received
  • Misrepresentation eg false promises made by the retailer regarding the purchase of their goods or services
Debit card and credit card chargeback

A chargeback is a method for banks to try and recover your money in the event that you have not received the services or goods that you expected eg your holiday being cancelled by the travel company due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How can I contact you about a chargeback or section 75 claim?

Please call our Fraud and Disputes Team on 0345 08 08 509. We may need evidence to support your claim.

Savings accounts

Can customers access fixed savings bonds or fixed-notice accounts at short notice?

We encourage any customer who’s concerned or has questions to contact us, and we’ll look at their individual circumstances. We’ll assess the best course of action for each customer on a case-by-case basis.