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Earl's Court Festival

09:00am 08:00pm 16th July 2011 16th July 2011
247-249 Cromwell Road, London, Greater London, SW5 9GA

Metro Bank took part in the Earls Court Festival Street Fair and had 2 stalls set up right at the entrance to the street fair. The first promoted Metro Bank's products and services. Buck slips with vouchers which entitled the holder to a free gift at the Earls Court Store were given out. The second promoted Metro Bank's Summer Reading Programme. The Earls Court Store was decorated with balloons and stayed open till 8pm when the fair finished.

Despite the poor weather, the event was a great success and a large number of people still came out to the fair. During the day 1000 buckslips, over 1500 pens, loads of lollipops were given out and 70 people made their way down to the store to collect their free water bottle. Metro Man made appearances in between the rain.

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