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Our Cricket Manifesto

It isn’t simply cricket.

And it’s bigger than ‘just a game’.

Cricket teaches a host of life skills, delivered under the banner of having fun.

Teamwork, leadership, resilience… All valuable life skills… All lived and breathed in Cricket.

A sport that breeds confidence.

A sport where big hitting fosters big thinking.

Where run chases leads to chasing dreams.

It’s contagious.

Apart from when it’s not.

Because for girls to want to pick up a bat and ball, they need to see that it’s for all.

They need to see people like them involved.

They need to see female Cricketers pushing boundaries.

And relatable figures knowing no boundaries.

They need mums, sisters, cousins and teachers showing them the ropes.

Showing them that they can re-imagine what they thought they knew.

Which is why we’ve made it our mission to attract more girls into cricket… 

By attracting more women into cricket.

More women coaches, volunteers, and players.

More role models.

Because the more women get into cricket, the more they’ll get out of it.

Alone, we can only go so far, but together we can thrive.