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Aylesbury Metro Bank Delivers Money Zone to Wingrave Pupils

20th June 2023

Aylesbury Metro Bank colleagues have delivered Money Zone – financial education workshops – to over 30 pupils from Wingrave Church of England School. The aim of the complimentary workshops is to raise financial awareness in students from a young age.

Money Zone is a series of financial education lessons that Metro Bank offers to children - either virtually or in store. Money Zone comprises of four sessions - budgeting, saving, banking and the last session which takes place in store gave the students a behind the scenes look at the Bank including a visit to the vault and the chance to try the Magic Money Machine. Metro Bank has delivered its Money Zone programme to over 250,000 children.

Aylesbury Metro Bank’s Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Aruni Wijesuriya and Andy Lane delivered the key Money Zone sessions to the pupils which ended with an hour long tour of the Bank to discuss what they had learned during their lessons.

 “We are really pleased that we were able to deliver this Money Zone workshop as the pupils really enjoy it and their enthusiasm is infectious,” explains Aylesbury Metro Bank’s CSR Aruni Wijesuriya. “Learning how to manage your money, budget and save are fundamental life skills that everyone needs to learn. We are proud of our Money Zone programme and the difference it makes in giving these students a good grounding in their financial education.’’

“The discussion around wants and needs can be very thought provoking and the discussion around this is very interesting in this modern age and once the kids realised that when they turn 11 they can get a debit card for a cash account, they get even more animated,” explains Metro Bank CSR, Andy Lane.  “What the children would like to save up for can be very interesting, with some children wanting to save up for things such as pets, or even bottles of Prime, to those who would like to start saving now for things later in their lives, such as their first car or a house, to those who would like to save to help their parents and families. Earlier in my career I was a teacher, and I have found delivering Money Zone to be one of the most rewarding things I have undertaken whilst at Metro Bank as it’s awe inspiring seeing how much the children want to learn about how they can manage their finances now and in the future.”

Any schools or groups interested in Money Zone can contact their local Metro Bank store for more information. The Metro Bank’s Aylesbury store at 45 Market Square, Aylesbury, HP20 2SP. The store is currently open Monday – Saturday 8:30am - 6pm. Sunday: 11am - 5pm.