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Cardiff Metro Bank Puts School Children in the Money Zone

22nd March 2023

Metro Bank colleagues from the Cardiff Newport Road store have delivered Money Zone – financial education workshops – to over 180 children from Grangetown Primary School. The aim of the complimentary workshops is to raise financial awareness in students from a young age. The store opened up during the pandemic and this was the first face to face Money Zone to be held in Wales.

Money Zone is a series of financial education lessons that Metro Bank offers to school children - either virtually or in store. Money Zone comprises of four sessions - budgeting, saving, banking and the last session which takes place in store gave the children a behind the scenes look at the Bank including a visit to the vault and the chance to try the Magic Money Machine. At the end of the day, all the children received their own goody bag and met the Metro Bank mascot, Metro Man. Metro Bank has delivered its Money Zone programme to over 250,000 children.

Cardiff Metro Bank’s Store Manager, James Ellacott, Assistant Store Manager, Stuti Mugdal and Customer Service Representatives, Krishi Kumar and James Richards delivered the key Money Zone sessions to the students which ended with an hour long tour of the bank to discuss what they had learned during their lessons.

“The kids were fascinated with the behind the scenes tour and loved meeting Metro Man our friendly mascot – they all wanted a selfie with him,” explains Cardiff Metro Bank’s Store Manager James Ellacott. “Learning how to manage your money, budget and save are fundamental life skills that everyone needs to learn. We are proud of our Money Zone programme and the difference it makes in giving these students a good grounding in their financial education.’’

‘’It was so much fun and amazing to see their excitement when speaking about the teller line, drive through and magic money machine,’’ added Cardiff Metro Bank’s Assistant Store Manager, Stuti Mugdal. ‘’With how loudly they chanted and shouted ‘Kids Rock’ and ‘Dogs Rule’, I am sure all of Newport heard them.’’

Any schools or groups interested in Money Zone can contact their local Metro Bank store for more information. Metro Bank’s Cardiff Newport Road store is located at 507 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AD. The store is open Monday – Saturday 8:30am - 6pm. Sunday: 11am - 5pm. Cardiff Newport Road Metro Bank is part of the Safe Space scheme – the store is available to anyone experiencing, or at risk of domestic abuse, providing the opportunity to safely call a helpline, support service or loved one.