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‘’What’s the Best Way to Get Rich?’’

15th November 2023

Crawley Metro Bank Puts Students in the Money Zone

Metro Bank colleagues from the Crawley store have delivered ten Money Zones – financial education workshops – to over 1500 children from five schools. The aim of the complimentary workshops is to raise financial awareness in students from a young age.

Money Zone is a series of financial education lessons that Metro Bank offers to school children - either virtually or in store. Money Zone comprises of four sessions - budgeting, saving, banking and the last session which takes place in store gives the children a behind the scenes look at the Bank including a visit to the vault and the chance to try the coin counting Magic Money Machine. At the end of the day, all the students receive their own goody bag and meet the Metro Bank mascot, Metro Man. Metro Bank has delivered its Money Zone programme at over 2,500 schools and 250,000 children.

Crawley Metro Bank Store Manager, Nicky Ascenso delivered the key sessions to the students.

“We are really pleased that we were able to deliver this Money Zone workshop, the pupils were very engaged, and it was a fantastic opportunity to continue to build our relationship with the local community,” explains Crawley Metro Bank’s Store Manager Nicky Ascenso. “The children were super excited to learn more about how they can save up for the things they want in the future. Perhaps not surprisingly, quite a few of them asked me about the best way to get rich.’’

Any schools or groups interested in Money Zone can contact their local Metro Bank store for more information.

Metro Bank’s Crawley store is located at 25 Queens Square, Crawley, RH10 1HA. The store is open Monday – Saturday 8:30am - 6pm. Sunday: 11am - 5pm. Crawley Metro Bank is part of the Safe Space scheme – the store is available to anyone experiencing, or at risk of domestic abuse, providing the opportunity to safely call a helpline, support service or loved one.