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Environmental sustainability and community impact

We’re red, blue and green too

Our ambition to be the number one community bank goes hand in hand with acting sustainably and responsibly towards our customers, our communities, our colleagues and our environment.

How we promote a sustainable environment

Our climate pledges

Our climate pledges

We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today and understand the important role we can play in overcoming it.

We’ve pledged to:

  • make our operations net zero by 2030
  • be net zero for operational, supply chain and financed emissions by 2050.

Every year in our Annual Report and Accounts, we look at the impact of climate change on our business, and set out the actions we are taking to reduce our impact on the environment. This includes progress against our net zero pledges, reducing our usage of paper and cutting our travel emissions.

Our carbon footprint

Our carbon footprint

We report our greenhouse gas emissions in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) requirements and have started to use the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) methodology to work out the emissions arising from our residential mortgage portfolio. We also publish an update every year in our Annual Report and Accounts.

100% renewable energy

100% renewable energy

The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme means electricity that is generated from renewable sources. Since 2021 we have been progressing towards full REGO-backed electricity, and all the electricity used across our stores and offices is now delivered from 100% renewable sources.

Our sustainable Metro Bank pen

Our pen has been with us since we opened our doors, but it was time for a refresh. Our new pen is sustainable and made from RPET (recycled plastic). By taking plastic out of landfills, we’re giving it a new lease of life.

  • With a longer-life ink cartridge, the new pen is made to go the distance 
  • When the ink does finally run out, just visit a store to recycle your pen and pick up another 

Our pen is accessible for everyone: people with arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, left-handed and right-handed people, those that use it with a prosthetic limb, people with a colour vision deficiency, and children too.

  • The geometric tip makes it easy to get a firm grip  
  • The matt finish makes it non-slip

It also has a 100% recyclable caddy that’s designed to be used again and again. The lid and base could become a money box, a stationery holder or a plant pot and, in a banking-sector first, the caddy comes with seed sticks which can be planted in its base to become delicious strawberries. All of this means we’re growing in the right direction for our communities. 

From magnets to mangrove trees

Back in December we made a brilliant change – we updated our name badges to include pronouns, reflecting our inclusive culture. But this meant we had a lot of our old badges to dispose of, and we wanted to do this in the most responsible way possible, because being sustainable is also a key part of who we are. Our Supplier Code of Conduct states that we expect everyone we work with to show a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, so we made sure to partner with a green supplier to recycle all our old name badges and the magnets attached to them.

And it didn’t end there. For every three magnets recycled, we planted a tree as part of Ecologi’s Sustainable British Manufacturing tree planting scheme. We’re thrilled to have planted an impressive 258 mangrove trees (and counting...) in Madagascar, and will continue to recycle our badges in the future.

And if that’s not enough to plant a smile on your face, read more about the trees we’ve grown and the rest of this amazing project in the Ecologi virtual online forest.

Colleagues in the Community

Days to AMAZE

Every single colleague at Metro Bank – from the customer service representatives you speak to on the phone, to the head of every department – gets a Day to AMAZE, which is a yearly paid day off to volunteer and support a local charity or good cause.  

“I had an amazing time cooking and serving meals, with other great volunteers, for the guests of a hostel for single, homeless women.” 

“This year I volunteered at my local Oxfam shop, and absolutely loved it. I met loads of great people, and felt I really made a difference in the work I did. 

“We had a fantastic day planting bulbs, trimming trees and tidying the beautiful gardens for the local community in a heritage site in East London. 

We sorted through donations by the lorry full, organising and packing, ready for the food bank opening. It was inspiring to hear what they do to support their community.” 

Our Values and Ethics

Savings growth plant icon

Our lending policy

As an ethical community bank, we do not lend directly for: 

  • metal ore mining, coal mining; peat, oil or gas extraction
  • fossil fuel power generation
  • activities that cause deforestation
  • arms manufacture or military activities.

Working with our suppliers

Its important to us that we work with suppliers who mirror and uphold our values.

We start with a strict selection process, and continue to hold our suppliers to our supplier code of conduct, which we launched in 2022 and will review every year. 

How we can help with your sustainability goals

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