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We've made some changes to our terms and conditions

Firstly, to use apps and services that help manage your finances, you may be asked to give them your Metro Bank online banking details. We’ve changed our Terms and Conditions so you can share these details if you want to, as long as it’s with an organisation approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or another European regulator.

Useful questions and answers

Why have you made these changes?

You may want to use certain apps and services that manage your finances, in one place. In some cases, they will ask you for some online banking details. We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions so you can share your Metro Bank security details if you choose to.

Also, you might want to use your fingerprint or face ID to log in. We need you to make sure no one else’s details are saved on your device, so only you can access your accounts this way.

What kind of apps and services can I give access to my account?

The ones designed to help you manage your money – think spending limits and savings goals, for example – as long as they’re authorised by the FCA (or another European regulator). You can see a full list of authorised third parties on the Open Banking directory.

Will my account stay safe and secure?

We won’t give just any third party access to your account – they will need to have your online banking details and we’ll check they are authorised by the FCA. Please remember, it’s really important that you’ve checked they’re authorised too, before you share your details with them.

What if I change my mind about a third party having access to my account?

Let the third party know, and change your online banking password or 12-digit customer number.

Can I still use my fingerprint or face ID to login?

Of course – but if you do use these, you need to make sure that only yours are saved on your device. This is so no one else can access your accounts. If you want to keep multiple IDs stored, you’ll need to turn off this function for our app and use your passcode to log in.

I’d like to know more, how can I get in touch?

Call 0345 08 08 500 whenever it suits you – our phone lines are open around the clock. Or visit us in store, we’re open seven days a week.

Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

You can download and read copies of Terms and Conditions at