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Who else can access my Safe Deposit Box?

Only you and / or an authorised third party may access your safe deposit box . You may not
access anyone else’s box without authorisation.

We will confirm your identity every time you wish to access your safe deposit box. If we have
any doubts about your identity we may ask to see an additional form of identification, such
as a driving licence or bank card. We will keep a record of every time you access the safe
deposit box.

You may authorise someone else to access your safe deposit box by signing a third party
mandate or a power of attorney (we recommend you get independent legal advice before
you do). 

If you tell us to allow someone else to access your safe deposit box, that person must undergo
an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check.

If you authorise another person to access your safe deposit box, then you will be responsible for
their actions or omissions as if they were your own, including complying with these terms and
conditions. We will not be responsible for anything that may happen to your safe deposit box
as a result of you authorising an individual access to the safe deposit box unless we are at fault.

Find out more information in our Safe Deposit Box Terms and Conditions

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