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you always get our best rate available


We won't cut your rate while offering a better rate to new customers. Check out these easy ways to make your money work harder.

Instant Access Savings Accounts

Save what you want, when you want – with instant access to your cash whenever you need.

Instant Access Cash ISA

Tax-free interest and access to your savings whenever. We also accept transfers.

Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Tax-free interest on lump sums or ISA transfers, for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years.

Fixed Term Saving Accounts

Guaranteed interest rates – paid monthly or yearly – on fixed terms from 3 months to 3 years.

Young Savers Account

You're never too young to save. Start the good habits now.

Want some help with your savings?

'I want to understand my savings options'

Make you money grow faster whilst making sure you always have enough easily accessible.

'I want to know more about how to reach my savings goals'

Get into the savings habit. Having a plan for your savings can make all the difference. Learn how to set a savings goal and commit to making it happen.

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A safer spot

Never mind under a mattress or in a sock drawer – your valuables need proper security. We have 5 sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes available.


Protecting your money

Your eligible deposits with Metro Bank are protected by the FSCS.