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Personal Online Banking

Stay up-to-date

Check your balances and see your transactions.

Move money

Transfer money between your accounts, and make payments to people and organisations.

Open more accounts

Want to start saving or open a loan account? You can do it online.

Bin the paper

Switch to paperless statements to cut down on waste.

Banking online

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Our new Online Banking is coming soon

We’re always looking to improve your Online Banking experience – so we’re making some changes to make it simple and easier to use.

We’re rolling out these changes over the next few months. You can still register to use Online Banking now and we’ll let you know once these updates are available to you

Make payments

Make payments

You can pay people you’ve already set up on your account and add new payees too.

How to do it: simply select the ‘Send money’ button next to the relevant account on your main accounts overview page.

Change your details

Change your details

  • You can create a memorable username when logging into Online Banking instead of using your 12-digit Customer Number.
  • You can also view your personal details and if you are a personal account customer, you can also edit your email and address information. Your new address has to be updated before the end of the month for it to appear in the next statement

You can also change your:

  • contact preferences
  • paperless statement preferences
  • balance alerts

How to do it: Click ‘settings’ in the left hand navigation within Online Banking. You can make changes using ‘personal details’, ‘paperless statements’ and ‘balance alerts’ tabs.

Please note, you can’t do this for Business and Commercial accounts or on the mobile banking app.

Card Management

Card Management

Cancel and order new cards.

How to do it: click on the relevant account on your accounts overview, then select the ‘Account management’ tab.

Open new accounts

Open new accounts

You can open:

  • Fixed Term Savings accounts

You can also take out:

  • A Ratesetter loan
  • Pet insurance

How to do it: you can see what new accounts are available to you in the left-hand navigation.

Pay regularly

Pay regularly

Set up start dates, frequency and end dates for regular payments.

How to do it: Click the ’Send money' button next to the relevant account on the main accounts overview page.

See your payment history

See your payment history

Looking for a particular transaction? Use the search to find it. You can see all your transactions as far back as 2015 and you can download PDFs of all your statements since you opened your account.

How to do it: Click on the relevant account on your accounts overview, then select the ‘Documents’ tab.

Personal and Business Metro Bank App terms of use

Download our Metro Bank App terms of use

Frequently asked questions

I’ve forgotten my log in details. What should I do?

You need 3 pieces of information to log in:
• Your 12-digit customer number or your username. (You’ll have been given a customer number when you opened your account. If you changed it, that’s your username.)
• 3 digits from your 8-digit security number
• Your password
If you know your customer number or username and one of the other pieces of information, you can retrieve the rest of the information you need online. Go to the Online Banking log in page and follow the instructions to change your security number or password.

If you’ve forgotten your customer number or username, or both your security number and password, you’ll need to call us on 0345 08 08 500 or  pop into a store.

I’ve changed my mobile number so I can’t get passcodes. What should I do?

Each time you set up a new payee and sometimes when you log in, we send a text with a passcode to the phone with the mobile number that’s registered with us. If you want to change your mobile phone number which is registered with us call us on 0345 08 08 500 or visit a store.


How do I manage my Online Banking security details?

To protect yourself you need to keep your details safe. Find out how to manage your details online.

Need help setting up Online or Mobile Banking?

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