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Fee assist mortgages

‘Remortgage-only’ mortgages are available for properties valued up to £2m.

When you move your mortgage to Metro Bank there are legal and valuation costs. The way these get paid depends on your remortgage type.

Legal Assist remortgages

This type of remortgage is for simple transactions for freehold and leasehold.

We will appoint a solicitor to act on our behalf, and they will be in touch with you.

There may be additional fees which you will need to pay, for:

  • raising capital for an onward purchase (excluding Let to Buy)
  • raising capital for other reasons (for example, home improvements)
  • funds release fees and identification checks
  • any other fees outlined to you by the solicitor.

Please note: if you own your property outright you do not qualify for fee assist, cashback or free valuations on a loan under £150,000.

We recommend that you ask our solicitor for a full list of fees you will need to pay. You must read this, and all the other documents they send you, carefully.

If any of the following apply, you are not eligible for Legal Assist, and will need to apply for a Cashback remortgage instead:

  • You are using your own, independent solicitor
  • You are taking independent legal advice (for joint borrower/sole proprietor applications)
  • You need to clear additional charges registered with the property
  • You are clearing debts on completion if conditioned on the offer and fee assist firm required to control closure
  • It is the first registration of the title
  • The AST is over 12 months long
  • The property is listed
  • There is a Transfer of Equity (ToE)
  • You’re buying under ‘Let to Buy’
  • Mining searches, or other additional searches are needed
  • You are changing the names on the title
  • 2nd charge repayment.

Cashback remortgages

A cashback remortgage rewards you with a lump sum when you complete on the mortgage. The money will be paid directly into your bank account, up to 10 working days after completion.

This money can then be used for your legal and valuation costs, but you can spend it on whatever you want.

Terms and conditions apply.