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Feature of the Week

Buy to Let

We recently reduced our 75% LTV product range by 20bps for new customers and continue to offer all re‑mortgage customers the benefit of two fees assisted options for properties up to £2million.

Buy to Let highlights

  • No minimum income (subject to rental void plausibility checks)
  • Maximum 75% LTV
  • Top slicing considered from earned income
  • Maximum of 5 properties with Metro Bank (under £5m aggregated debt), maximum of 10 properties in total
  • Up to 4 applicants can be considered
  • Maximum age 80 considered (mortgage term based on the oldest applicant)

For full details on the points above, please refer to our Mortgage Mortgage Lending Criteria Guide.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need support, please get in touch with your BDM or call our Broker helpdesk on 0203 427 1019. Calls to the Broker Helpdesk answered within 30 seconds. Find your nearest BDM.

Coronavirus mortgage FAQs

  • Payment holiday

    If your customer has a Metro Bank mortgage and is having trouble making their payments due to the coronavirus pandemic, they can request a repayment holiday of up to three months.

    For more details and to apply, they can click here, or contact our Mortgage Admin Team by emailing or calling 0345 319 1200.

    What if your customer needs longer than 3 months?

    If your customer has a payment holiday with us but they are unable to make their payments just yet due to the coronavirus pandemic, we may be able to offer them an extension of up to three months. For more details and to apply, please click here, or contact our Mortgage Admin Team by emailing or calling 0345 319 1200.

    What proof does your customer need?

    Normally we would look in to their financial situation and ask them for more information so we can work out the most suitable options. As these are exceptional circumstances and we want to support your customers, currently we are not asking for proof – but we will need to ask them some questions about their financial situation.

    Are all customers eligible?

    Yes – even if your customer is already in arrears, they are still eligible for a payment holiday. They will need to call us on 0345 319 1200 to find out more.

    Will this impact your customer’s credit score?

    If we’ve agreed a payment holiday with your customer in advance, any missed payments will not be reported to the credit reference agencies – so this shouldn’t impact their credit score. However, they should know that Metro Bank and other lenders may take into account other information when making future lending decisions, such as information provided by customers or bank account information.

    If they haven’t come to an agreement with us, missed payments would be reported as usual.

    Can payment holidays be arranged for personal and buy-to-let mortgages?

    Yes. Payment holidays can be organised for both residential and buy-to-let mortgages.

    Can a customer arrange a product transfer following a 3 month payment holiday request?

    Yes. If your customer requires a product transfer, please contact us in the normal way.

  • Repossessions moratorium

    Metro Bank will also not pursue any repossession action until 31 October 2020, as per FCA guidance. Our customers are our top priority and we want them to be reassured that they will not have their homes repossessed at this difficult time.

    We’d encourage any customer that may be impacted by this to email our Mortgage Servicing team at, quoting their mortgage account number and monthly payment date, or they can complete our call-back request form. We aim to reply within seven days.

  • Offer extension

    In line with the wider industry, Metro Bank will extend all house purchase mortgage offers for residential and buy-to-let customers for up to three months, enabling customers to move at a later date. If your customer requires an offer extension, please contact us in the normal way.

  • Physical valuations

    We are very pleased to announce the immediate recommencement of physical inspections on purchase and re-mortgage cases in England (where access is granted) - our standard lending policy will apply*. These will be carried out in line with Government guidelines.

    Where a physical valuation cannot take place, digital valuations will be instructed in line with our previous guidance on properties up to a maximum value of £3 million (limitations apply - please contact us for details).

    Due to the undoubted pressure on the surveying community, it is likely that turnaround times on valuations will be impacted, whilst it takes several weeks for things to settle.

    *Please refer to our Mortgage Lending Criteria Guide and Product Guides for full details.

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