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What we’re changing

After a recent review of our Personal Credit Card, we’ve made the decision to withdraw this product from sale. This means that, in line with our Terms and Conditions, we won’t be issuing any new Personal Credit Cards and will be closing existing Credit Card accounts held by our customers on 10 September 2024.

You can find our Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions here.

Personal Credit Card questions and answers

Why are you making this change?

At Metro Bank we’re continuing to look at the best ways to simplify and streamline our products to ensure that we always provide the best service and value for our customers. Following a review, we’ve made the decision to withdraw our Personal Credit Card.

Is this change just applicable to me or to all Metro Bank Credit Card customers?

All Metro Bank customers who hold a Personal Credit Card will be affected by this change, with all cardholder accounts being closed.

Why are you telling me about this change now?

We’re telling you about this now, to give you time to make alternative arrangements for any payments that you need to make using your Credit Card after 10 September 2024.

Will I have to pay back any outstanding amounts immediately?

No, although your ability to make further transactions on your card will stop on 10 September 2024, you’ll still be able to repay your balance as you currently do in line with our Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve repaid your balance to £0, we’ll then close your account and write to you to confirm the details. You can find our Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions here.

Are there any restrictions on my Credit Card account between now and 10 September 2024?

We retain the right to place a restriction on your account before 10 September and we’ll let you know if we’ve done this by contacting you by letter or email.

We take a few things into consideration when making these decisions, including whether you have a zero or in-credit balance, haven’t used your card in an extended period, or if we consider it in your interest to do so as listed in Section 2 of our Personal Credit Cards Terms and Conditions.

Any outstanding balance after 10 September 2024 must still be repaid as you would do today, and you should avoid making any transactions that you feel you may be unable to repay.

Can I make changes to my credit limit?

During this period, we regret that we won’t be able to accept any requests to increase your credit card limit. If you wish to decrease the limit on your credit card, please contact us and we’ll process your request.

Can additional account holders still make transactions?

Transactions can be made by all account holders up to 10 September 2024. We recommend that you let all additional account holders know that their card will no longer be authorised for transactions after this date and share this information with them. The primary account holder is still liable for repayment of any outstanding balance.

If I lose my Credit Card and/or PIN can I request a replacement?

If you’ve lost your card or had it stoIen, you should cancel it immediately. You can do this through our Mobile App, Online Banking, in store or by calling us on 0345 0808 500*.

Whether Cards and PINs are replaced or not will be subject to any restrictions we’ve placed on your account before 10 September 2024, and we’ll let you know if we’ve done this by contacting you by letter or email. 

From 26 July 2024 our in-store card replacement service will no longer be available, and any replacement cards/PINs will be sent to the account holder’s address.

After 10 September 2024 all requests for card replacements will be declined.

*Metro Bank won't charge you for your call however, you may be charged by your service provider.

I have ongoing monthly subscription payments (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime) linked to my Credit Card or have used the card to secure a booking such as a hotel or travel. What will happen to these after 10 September 2024?

After 10 September 2024 any requests for authorisation on your Metro Bank Credit Card will be declined. You need to make alternative arrangements for future payments with each subscription provider or organisation before this date, to ensure that services continue, and any required payments are made.

Can I still dispute a transaction after 10 September 2024?

Yes, our card dispute and chargeback services will remain available while your account is open. Please contact us on 0345 0808 500* if you have a query about, or wish to dispute, any of your card transactions.

*Metro Bank won't charge you for your call however, you may be charged by your service provider.

Will my transactions still be covered by the protection of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act?

Yes, all authorised transactions between £100 and £30,000 will still be covered by this protection.  Please contact us if you need any further information.

Will refund transactions be processed after 10 September?

Yes, if you receive a refund transaction into your account, we’ll process it in the usual way. If you have an outstanding balance, then the refund will reduce it. If your account is already at £0 balance then the refund will create an in-credit balance, and we’ll arrange for this to be returned to you when we close your account.

Can I continue to vary my repayments?

Yes, all repayment options will still be available. You’ll continue to receive your monthly statement and you can set up or amend Direct Debits and Payment Plans, as well as make one off payments, whenever you choose. Your statement will continue to show the minimum repayment amount required each month.

What happens if I’m currently in arrears, but clear my arrears?

If your Credit Card account is currently in arrears, then you should continue to repay in line with any agreement or Payment Plan currently in place. If you clear your arrears, you’ll have to continue to repay any outstanding balance in line with the product Terms and Conditions. You can speak to one of our arrears team by calling 0345 241 3075* and they’ll support you with any queries you may have.

If you have any concerns about your ability to make payments, please contact us on 0345 241 3075*  as soon as possible. You can also visit MoneyHelper for independent guidance and advice on dealing with debt.

*Metro Bank won't charge you for your call however, you may be charged by your service provider.

Can I transfer my outstanding balance to another Credit Card provider?

Yes, if you want to transfer your Metro Bank Credit Card balance to an alternative provider, please contact them to arrange the transfer and we’ll make the transfer when we receive their instruction.

Will my Credit Score be affected?

No, as long as you continue to make repayments in line with the Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions, there won’t be an impact to your Credit Score as a result of this change. Once your account is fully repaid, we’ll confirm the closure of your account and ensure that your credit file is updated to reflect the closure of the product.

What happens if my account balance is already at £0 on 10 September 2024?

Once your account balance is paid down to £0, we’ll make arrangements to close your account and confirm the closure in writing. If your account balance is £0 on 10 September 2024, we’ll write to you to confirm your account closure.

What happens if I have a credit balance on my account on 10 September 2024?

If you have a credit balance on your account on 10 September, we’ll make arrangements to transfer the balance to your Metro Bank Current Account. If you don’t have a Metro Bank Current Account, we’ll give you a cheque for the credit amount when we write to the confirm closure of your account.

Does this change affect any of my other Metro Bank products?

This change is specific to the Metro Bank Personal Credit Card. Other Metro Bank products are not affected by this change.

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