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Helpful Information

Key questions about mortgage products

  • What happens when their product ends?

    Mortgage customers will receive a letter approximately  5 months before their product is due to expire, then 3 months before the expiry date they will receive a further letter which will provide them will details of how they can switch  using our online portal or speak to their mortgage broker. At this point the customer can log in and this will provide them with the details of the available products and they can switch at this point. If they do not wish to switch product the account will revert to the applicable standard variable rate and the customer will receive a letter advising of the new payment. 

  • Can the customer switch their mortgage product?

    Yes, Mortgage customers can view all products available to them using the online mortgage portal by clicking on the following link:

    Alternatively they can contact their mortgage broker.

  • How do customers find their mortgage balance?

    Customers can view their outstanding mortgage balance using the online mortgage portal by clicking on the following link:

  • What if customers want borrow more money or move their mortgage to a new property?

    Customers can contact their mortgage broker to discuss their options.

  • How do customers request a settlement figure/redemption statement?

    We’re sorry that they are thinking of leaving us, but understand there are many reasons why. If they are looking for a new deal, just let us know and one of our dedicated Retention Team members can discuss the options with them.

    The customer or their acting solicitor wanting to request a redemption statement can do so by emailing Completions Team or call our Mortgage Admin Team.

    Or can also write to us here.

Things customers may wish to do

  • How do mortgage customers request a statement?

    A mortgage statement will be sent to the customer on the anniversary of the completion of their mortgage. Should they wish to request an interim statement the customer can do so by emailing Completions Team or call our Mortgage Admin Team

    You can also write to us here.

  • Who should the customer contact if they have a query regarding their statement?

    If they have any queries regarding the content of their statement please contact the Completions Team or call our Mortgage Admin Team

    You can also write to us here.

  • Can the customer change their Payment Date?

    The customer can change their payment date to any date between 1st – 28th of the month but a payment must be collected every month so this must be within the same month e.g. customer cannot move the payment from 28th May to 1st June.

    If the payment date is being moved forwards an additional payment will be required to cover the interest charged on the days between the payment dates.

  • How do customers change their direct debit details?

    If your customer wishes to amend the bank account details from which the payment is taken they will need to complete a new direct debit mandate.

    Please note that the bank account must be in the name of the mortgage holder and an account from which direct debits can be collected.

    If they wish to change their bank account details, please download and complete the direct debit mandate and return to us.

    Please email the completed direct debit mandate to our Completions Team

    The customer can post the direct debit mandate to us here.

    Alternatively the customer can call us on 0345 319 1200 between 8.30am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday where we will be happy to take the new direct debit details over the phone.

  • How do I update my name / address records?

    If you want to update your correspondence address please contact the Completions Team or call our Mortgage Admin Team.

    You can also write to us here and you can use this address if you want you update your name details making sure you enclose a certified copy of you change of name deed, deed poll or marriage certificate.

A few technical FAQs

  • How can a mortgage customer apply for a deed of substituted security to extend the lease on their property?

    If the customer requires a deed of substituted security, their solicitor will need to prepare this document and send it to us at:

    Metro Bank PLC
    1 Southampton Row
    WC1B 5HA

    Their solicitors will need to confirm that they act for the customer and the bank as well as providing a summary of the reason for the application.

  • Can the customer take someone off or add another party onto their mortgage?

    If the customer wishes to remove or add a party from or to their mortgage, customers can contact their mortgage broker to discuss their options.

  • Can a customer apply for consent to let?

    If a customer is thinking of letting their property we can consider this on a temporary basis.

    Customers will need to apply for permission and will need to pay a fee of £70.00.

    If they wish to apply to let their property on a temporary basis, please download and complete the application form and return to us with the application fee. 

    Please email the completed application form to our Completions Team.

    Or, post the application to us here.

    Please see “How to pay a fee” for details regarding how to pay any fees.

  • How to pay a fee?

    There are a variety of payment methods available.

    To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Metro Bank PLC, quote the account number on the reverse and send the cheque to us here.

    Payment can also be made directly into the mortgage account, using the following details. Please quote the mortgage account number as the reference.

    Bank Name:                      Metro Bank PLC

    Account Name:                Metro Bank PLC – Mortgages

    Account Number:            12994907

    Sort Code:                        23-05-80

    Reference:                        (Please quote the individual 8 digit mortgage account) 

  • Can the customer nominate a third party to be able to discuss their account?

    The customer can nominate a third party to call on their behalf for a period of up to 12 months.

    If they wish nominate a third party to call on their behalf, please download and complete the application form and return it to us with the required documentation.

    Please email the completed application from to our Completions Team or post the application to us here

  • How does the customer request the deeds to their property or a copy of the deeds?

    Please note Metro do not hold any title deeds.  Please contact the solicitors who acted for the customer on the completion of their mortgage for further guidance.

Here’s how to contact us

General Administration and Payments

Existing customers with a query which relates to the general day to day administration of their mortgage can contact us at, phone 0345 319 1200 between 8.30am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday or write to us at: Metro Bank, Mortgage Admin Team, PO Box 1130, Uxbridge, UB8 9XX

Please note, if customers contacting us via the telephone, to ensure we can identify them, we will ask a number of questions that relate to them and their mortgage.  This is to ensure we are only releasing information to them or any party they have authorised to discuss their account. Unfortunately, if these questions are not answered correctly, we will be unable to discuss the mortgage so we do suggest customers have account information to hand when calling us.

New Lending

For enquires relating to, new lending (including moving an existing mortgage to another property), contract variations (including adding and removing parties to an existing mortgage) and further lending customers can contact their mortgage broker.

Customers with any enquires relating to new products and switching products can visit our online portal at