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Are you eligible for an arranged overdraft with us?

What is an overdraft?

Overdrafts are a way to borrow money through your current account, and best used to cover short-term or unexpected payments. There are two types of overdraft: arranged and unarranged. 

An arranged overdraft is one that you apply for, and lets you borrow up to an agreed limit. 

To find out more about our Current Account and overdraft, including fees and charges, please see more information here.

To find out whether we’ll be able to offer you an arranged overdraft, enter your details below:

(This eligibility check will not affect your credit rating)

Check your overdraft eligibility

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To check your eligibility enter the details in the form.

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  • Borrowing amount must be filled in an between £1 and £25000
  • Income must be entered
  • Repayments must be entered
  • Residential status must be selected
  • Mortgage amount must be filled in
  • Rental amount must be filled in
  • Please select the number of dependents you have
The amount you’d like us to lend you through an arranged overdraft
Invalid value
Your monthly take-home pay (look for ‘net amount’ on your payslip)
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The total amount you spend repaying debts from credit cards and loans
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Your residential status
Please select an option
Your minimum monthly mortgage payment
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Rental payment per month
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Does anyone depend on you financially, such as children, a partner or parents?
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Have you had any defaults, bankruptcies, County Court Judgements (CCJs) or missed borrowing payments in the last three years?

We’re sorry, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to offer you an arranged overdraft.

Your results

Based on what you’ve told us, it is:

that we’ll be able to offer you an arranged overdraft

These results depend on the information you’ve given us, and are only to be used as a guideline – whether or not we can offer you an arranged overdraft will still depend on your personal circumstances. Any arranged overdraft offered by us will depend on a longer eligibility assessment.


How to apply for an arranged overdraft

If you don’t have a Metro Bank Current account

Firstly, you’ll need to open a current account – you can do this online or in one of our stores. To apply for an arranged overdraft please then call us on 0345 08 08 500, or visit in store.

Check what you need to open an account

If you already have a Metro Bank Current Account 

Visit us in store or call on 0345 08 08 500 to apply for an arranged overdraft.

Arranged overdraft calculator

Use our calculator to see how much an overdraft with us would cost.