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Safe Deposit Boxes

Secure what matters most

Whether they’re personal treasures, family heirlooms or important documents, we can help keep your valuables safe and secure in a Safe Deposit Box. They’re housed inside our vaults, so you can rest easy knowing the items you care about most are protected.

Our Safe Deposit Boxes come in five sizes, and prices start at just £20 a month.

Ready to reserve your box online?

Pick the size you need

Our extra small box is perfect for pocket-sized valuables, like spare keys and passports. For bigger pieces, such as antiques and legal documents, you’ll need a larger size.

Choose the way you pay

You can pay for your box monthly or yearly, whichever fits your finances. Prices start at £20 a month, and you can rent your box for as long as you need.

Access when it suits you

You’ll be able to open your box as often as you need to during our store hours. Need someone you trust to access it for you? Just let us know in advance.

Safe Deposit Box prices


Safe deposit boxes sizes and prices
size Extra Small (XS) Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)
size 3" x 5" x 21.5" 7.5cm x 12.5cm x 53.7cm 5" x 5" x 21.5" 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 53.7cm 3" x 10" x 21.5" 7.5cm x 25cm x 53.7cm 5" x 10" x 21.5" 12.5cm x 25cm x 53.7cm 10" x 10" x 21.5" 25cm x 25cm x 53.7cm
cost £240.00 a year
(or £20.00 monthly)
£270.00 a year
(or £22.50 monthly)
£360.00 a year
(or £30.00 monthly)
£525.00 a year
(or £43.75 monthly)
£750.00 a year
(or £62.50 monthly)
Safe deposit boxes sizes and prices
Extra Small (XS)
3" x 5" x 21.5"7.5cm x 12.5cm x 53.7cm
£240.00 a year
(or £20.00 monthly)
Small (S)
5" x 5" x 21.5"12.5cm x 12.5cm x 53.7cm
£270.00 a year
(or £22.50 monthly)
Medium (M)
3" x 10" x 21.5"7.5cm x 25cm x 53.7cm
£360.00 a year
(or £30.00 monthly)
Large (L)
5" x 10" x 21.5"12.5cm x 25cm x 53.7cm
£525.00 a year
(or £43.75 monthly)
Extra Large (XL)
10" x 10" x 21.5"25cm x 25cm x 53.7cm
£750.00 a year
(or £62.50 monthly)

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The Nuts and Bolts

We’re up front with our customers about everything. We’ve created this handy summary of our Safe Deposit Box's key features so you can see the important information from the get-go.


To reserve a Safe Deposit Box or join a waiting list, you need to:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Have a Metro Bank Personal Current Account or Cash Account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can apply for one in store

We’ll have to check your status and approve your application. We can do that on the spot. We have the right to decline your application if your status checks aren’t successful (but it’s unlikely that we will).

Here’s what you need to open an account

Things to keep in mind

Your valuables will be safe and sound in your Safe Deposit Box, but you still need to make sure they’re properly insured to their full value.

After you reserve a Safe Deposit Box online, you have 30 days to come into the store and open it. If you don’t come in during that time, we’ll assume you don’t want the box and cancel your reservation.

If you come to the grand opening of one of our new stores, you can open a Safe Deposit Box straight away. One of the store team will tell you the date you can first access it.

Although you’re storing something in one of our Safe Deposit Boxes, it doesn’t mean it belongs to us – your valuables are still your property. As long as you’re up to date with your payments, you or anyone you’ve authorised can access your box at any time during our opening hours.

Get all the details to read at your leisure

Download our PDF to read when you like - it contains all the ins and outs of our Safe Deposit Boxes.

Safe Deposit Box Details (PDF)(204KB)

Safe Deposit Box Terms and Conditions (PDF) (5.8MB)