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Digital wallet services terms of use

20th February 2018


These User Terms are important so please read them carefully. They apply to Your use of Digital Wallet Services. In these User Terms, references to:

a. "Digital Wallet Provider" means a third party provider of Digital Wallet Services. For example, Apple Inc or Google Ireland Ltd; and

b. "Digital Wallet Services" means a third party payment system to enable You to make payments using a device (such as Your mobile phone) which is linked to Your Metro Bank credit and/or debit card (as made available by Metro Bank).

You should only use the Digital Wallet Services if You agree with these User Terms. When You click to accept the User Terms, You will be legally bound by these User Terms. We recommend that You print a copy of these User Terms for Your records or alternatively You may ask Us for a copy of these User Terms at any time.

We may change these User Terms from time to time. If We do, We will notify You and You must read the updated User Terms before You use the Digital Wallet Services again. If You do not agree to the updated User Terms, You will need to remove Your Metro Bank debit and/or credit cards from the relevant Digital Wallet Services and stop using the relevant Digital Wallet Service.

Where We refer to "You" or "Your", We mean either:

  • one of Our personal customers if You are using Internet Banking and/or the Mobile App in a personal capacity; or
  • one of Our business customers and when You click to accept these User Terms, You are representing (as applicable):
    • Your corporate body (for example, a limited company or a limited liability partnership);
    • Your  unincorporated body (for example, a partnership, club, society or charity);
    • Yourself as a sole trader; or
    • Yourself as any other person providing a service for others (including a personal representative or trustee).

As mentioned above, these User Terms are in addition to the terms and conditions which govern: (i) Your banking relationship with Us; (ii) any of Our particular banking products and services; and (iii) any use of our internet banking or mobile app services. You can find Our other terms and conditions at as these User Terms govern Your access to certain banking products and services only. These User Terms are not the terms which apply to the banking products and services themselves. 

1. Who We are, what We do and contacting Us

We are Metro Bank PLC (company number 6419578) and with registered address: One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA ("Metro Bank", "We", "Our" or "Us").

Metro Bank is an independent UK bank. We are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

If You have any questions about anything in these User Terms or about Metro Bank's services, then just contact Us at any of the following:

i. In store;

ii. By post (at Our registered and head office)

One Southampton Row

iii. Phone (speak to a customer service representative)

UK – 0345 08 08 500

Overseas - +44 20 3402 8312

We may monitor and record phone calls

iv. Online

Secure messaging through Internet Banking (services may be slow or unavailable during maintenance and updates)

v. Email

vi. Via the "Contact Us" button in Our Mobile App

2. How to use the Digital Wallet Services

For information on how to use the different Digital Wallet Services with Metro Bank credit and debit cards, and how to set up your Metro Bank cards with the Digital Wallet Services, please see Our website guides and Our FAQs: Apple Pay or Google Pay. Comprehensive guides may be available on the Digital Wallet Providers' websites so if You require further information, please check the relevant third party website. 

You must accept the Digital Wallet Provider's terms and conditions in order to use the Digital Wallet Services with Your Metro Bank credit and debit cards. You must read and consider these carefully before accepting them.

In using the Digital Wallet Services, You may also be subject to terms and conditions with other third parties.  We encourage You to consider what other terms and conditions You may be subject to before You decide to use the Digital Wallet Services.

3. Security

When You register Your Metro Bank credit or debit card with a Digital Wallet Provider, it is important that You keep Your device secure. It is important that You set a device passcode that is different from details for any other accounts as this will help to ensure Your device remains secure.

We advise that You do not let anyone else use a Digital Wallet Service on Your device. If You share Your device with someone else or allow them to use Your access details for a Digital Wallet Service (i.e. by providing Your passcode), You will be responsible for any payments they may make from Your device. If You believe that somebody else knows any security information that You use for the Digital Wallet Services or Your device, You should change that information immediately.

4. If Your device is lost or stolen

Please call Metro Bank on (0345) 4503255. Tell Us that You use Your device for Digital Wallet Services so that We can suspend Digital Wallet Services for Your card.

You may be able to suspend the Digital Wallet Services on Your device or to wipe Your device clean. Please check the instructions for Your device and check the terms and conditions of the relevant Digital Wallet Provider who may be able to assist. If You obtain a new device, please ensure that where You are able to, You erase all data from Your old device remotely to protect Your personal information and information related to the Digital Wallet Services.

5. Your personal information and data protection

We will collect information about You from the relevant Digital Wallet Provider for verification purposes and to prevent and to detect fraud. We will also collect details of Your recent transactions made via Digital Wallet Services, which will appear on Your monthly statements.  Whilst We do not transfer Your personal data outside of this country (for more information see: for more information), We use a third party to manage Our Digital Wallet Services; Mastercard Europe S.A. they may do so (please contact Mastercard S.A. or see here: for more information).

The relevant Digital Wallet Provider will also collect information about You and You should check the Digital Wallet Provider's terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information.

6. Push Notifications

From time to time, You may receive notifications from Us regarding Your transactional activities. These notifications can be switched off by changing the settings on Your device.

7. Our responsibility

The Digital Wallet Services are third party services, which We offer to You to improve Your banking experience. We are not liable for the Digital Wallet Services or Your Use of them, or for any software or hardware provided to You by a Digital Wallet Provider, including, but not limited to, failures of that service, performance, and availability or security issues.

Whilst We are happy to help You if We can, We do not provide support for the Digital Wallet Services, any device on which You may use this service or any other third party services connected to the Digital Wallet Services. If You have any questions please contact the relevant Digital Wallet Provider.

8. Fees

Currently, We do not charge a fee for Your use of the Digital Wallet Services.  Whilst We do not charge a fee, You should be aware that the Digital Wallet Providers and Your mobile phone provider may charge You a fee for using the Digital Wallet Services.

9. Suspension and Termination

In addition to Our rights to terminate under Our existing terms and conditions which govern Your banking relationship with Us, We may suspend and/or terminate Your right to use Your Metro Bank credit and/or debit cards with a particular Digital Wallet Provider if:

i.    the relevant Digital Wallet Service is no longer available to Metro Bank;

ii.    We have reasonable grounds to suspect You have committed, or may be about to commit, a criminal offence in connection with Your use of the Digital Wallet Service;

iii.    there is a change in law or regulation which means We are no longer able to offer the relevant Digital Wallet Service to You; or

iv.    there is any other legitimate reason which requires Us to do so.

Where We terminate in one of the circumstances above, We will tell You as soon as possible that Your use of the relevant Digital Wallet Service has been/may be terminated or suspended.

A Digital Wallet Provider may also be able to suspend and/or terminate Your use of the Digital Wallet Services so please check the relevant Digital Wallet Provider's terms and conditions.

You may stop using the Digital Wallet Service at any time by removing Your Metro Bank credit or debit card from the relevant Digital Wallet Service. Where You stop using the Digital Wallet Service, You permit Us to process any outstanding transactions made by You on the Digital Wallet Service.  

Where Your right to use the relevant Digital Wallet Service is suspended and/or terminated, You will no longer be able to use the Digital Wallet Service. However, this will not affect Your bank account with Us.

10. Liability

These User Terms do not exclude or limit Our liability (if any) for:

i.    death or personal injury caused by Our negligence;

ii.    fraud;

iii.    fraudulent misrepresentation; or

iv.    any matter which it would be illegal for Us to exclude or attempt to exclude Our liability.

We are only liable to You for losses which You suffer as a direct result of Our breach of these User Terms and which are reasonably foreseeable. We are not liable for any other losses or for business losses (including but not limited to loss of profits, contracts, goodwill or opportunity).

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These User Terms will be governed by English law and any court proceedings related to these User Terms must be taken at a court within England and Wales.