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Say hello to Insights

Putting you in control

Meet the new addition to our mobile app – Insights. By looking at your account history, Insights can identify patterns, trends and upcoming payments. It then creates personalised reports and breakdowns for you to see how you’re using your money, providing you with more control over your finances.

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Easy to activate

Simply download the latest version of our app, tap on the light bulb icon, and choose what kind of insights you’d like the app to show you  

Just for you

Each personalised insight is based on your spending habits and account history over the last 6 months

Safe and secure

Your insights are for your eyes only – we’ll make sure they’re protected and never shared

Haven't got the app yet?

Check out our Ways to Bank page to find out how to register

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A little taster

Insights gives you a great, new way to keep track of your ingoings and outgoings, such as:

  • Providing handy summaries and reports detailing exactly how you’re using your money
  • Alerts when a subscription service takes its first payment, giving you the chance to cancel it and receive a refund
  • Breakdowns on what you’ve spent in a number of categories, including travel, finances, and shopping
  • Notifications of large payments, low balance alerts, and new bill amounts, to name a few

These are just a few of the helpful tips and alerts Insights can provide you, and we’ll be adding more features based on your feedback.

Insights FAQs

Who is it available for and how do I sign up?

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you’ve updated (or installed) the latest version of the Metro Bank mobile app through your app store. When you next log in, there will be a notification asking if you’d like to turn Insights on. If you’ve skipped it, simply tap on the light bulb at the bottom of the app.

You’ll then be asked what kinds of insights you’d like to receive when you’re registering.

Is Insights for personal and business customers?

No, Insights is available for our business customers, too. Find out more on our Business Insights page.

How does Insights work?

Insights looks at the last six months of your account activity and then builds reports based off that activity. It looks at previous direct debits, purchases and spending habits. 

How accurate is Insights?

We’re working to make Insights as accurate as we can, but there may be some cases where you see something that isn’t quite right. For instance, when Insights puts payments into categories, it uses information the company has included in the transaction, like the location of their head office or their listed industry. This could mean some transactions show up in categories you wouldn’t expect.

If there is something you think is a bit off, you can let us know by providing feedback within the app – we can then look at correcting it.

Are my Insights kept secure?

All personal data used for Insights is held securely within Metro Bank and will never be shared.