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Deposit Accounts

You can maximise your interest and make your money work for you with the right savings or deposits account

Savings accounts

Our range of deposit accounts means you can make your money work harder for you and your business.

  • Access your money when you need it or lock it away for better interest rates
  • Small business owners can walk into a store and start opening an account, no appointment needed
  • Businesses with a £2 million annual turnover can simply speak to their Local Director to start opening an account
  • We’re open 7 days a week, 362 days a year
  • Have total control over your account day and night with our app and online banking
  • We’re here to support your business, from our sector services teams to Local Business or Relationship Managers    

Business deposit accounts

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Access your savings at any time

An Instant Access Deposit account means you’re in control of your money at all times with a variable interest rate

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Put your money aside and earn more interest

Earn a better return on your money – the longer you put it away, the higher your interest rate. Perfect when you plan ahead for large purchases or tax bills

Community deposit accounts

Dedicated community deposit account

Perfect for clubs, charities or societies that are looking to grow the funds that have been donated or raised

Earn more interest on your community’s savings

Put your money aside with a Community Fixed Term Deposit Account and grow your funds

Client deposit accounts

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Earn interest on client deposits

A Client Premium Deposit Account is perfect for businesses with client deposits

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Set client deposits aside for higher returns

A Flexible Client Term Deposit Account offers you a higher interest rate for putting client deposits aside, but still allows you to access the money if you need to

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Invoice Finance

We can help ease your cashflow by advancing you part of any invoices you send out. You can also get us to chase payments too.


Protecting your money

Your eligible deposits with Metro Bank are protected by the FSCS.