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Manage your online banking credentials

Managing Your Internet Banking & Security Credentials

When you join Metro Bank you'll be given a number of details to use for our online and telephone banking services. To protect yourself you must keep these details safe. You can manage the details online too.

The details you need to bank with us

When you open an account with us we will give you a unique 12-digit customer number and you will provide us with your Magic Word. You’ll need both to register for our online and telephone banking services.

During the online and telephone banking registration process you will also be given the opportunity to set an 8-digit security number, a password and the answers to some memorable questions.

How to register online

We’ll normally be able to register you in store, but if this didn’t happen you can head over to our Self-Service Portal. You need to do this within one month after joining us, otherwise give us a call. 

You will need your 12-digit customer number, your Magic Word and the number of the mobile phone you’ve registered with us.

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Keeping your details up to date

If you want to change any of your security details you can use our Self-Service Portal. You will need your 12-digit customer number and two of these pieces of information: your password, 8-digit security number or answers to your memorable questions.

Make it easier for yourself

Once you’re registered and ready to go, you can log in to your internet banking and change your 12-digit customer number to a username that’s memorable for you.

You can also easily locate your 12-digit ID through the Metro Bank mobile app. Once you log into your account, simply go to the More menu to access Settings and select My Details. Your ID should be located under your name. 

Some helpful tips to stay safe online

Stay aware

Metro Bank will never ask for your card's PIN code online or over the phone.

Fake emails

We are aware that sometimes customers recieve emails from people pretending to be us. If you are suspicious of anything please forward it to

Fraudulent calls

We will never ask you for your full password or security number over the phone.

Worried about something suspicious?

Want more information?

Staying safe

We've created a handy guide with all the information you need to stay safe with Metro Bank. Have a read.