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Business and Commercial Internet Banking

Simple, seamless online banking to suit your business needs

Introducing our new Commercial Banking Platform

Our new Commercial Banking platform is faster and more flexible - designed with you in mind. Find out what we've changed and learn how to make the most of your account online.

We’ve upgraded our Business Online Plus and Commercial Online Banking

Powered by leading technology, we’ve made banking online faster and easier than ever before. Take control of your company’s finances with our upgraded Business and Commercial Online Banking platform.

Internet banking options

Compare the features of our business internet banking solutions, and see which one is right for your business.

Business Internet Banking

Business Internet Banking

All the basics, just like personal banking

Business Internet Banking is simple and you can sign up for free. You can make one-off and regular UK payments, and it's designed to enable teams to easily track what's going in and coming out of your account.

So that the right people have control of the account while others can access necessary information, you can set rights for users on the account. 

With Business Internet Banking you can make faster payments and develop good relationships with your suppliers. With our mobile banking app, you can also manage your account even when you’re out and about.

You can access your personal and business accounts with one login and toggle between them both – and it's easy to move funds between the accounts too.

To find out more about online security, system requirements and compatible operating systems read our Business Internet Banking Important Information Summary.

Business Online Plus

Business Online Plus

More convenient and flexible ways to pay

With Business Online Plus you can make CHAPS, Bacs or International payments. If you've only got a few people managing the account that’ll need access but need to make larger payments, it's a cost-effective option. 

Its enhanced transaction search allows you to run audit reports on payments, so you can manage your finances with greater ease and free up more time to spend on the things that are important to you. Our Business Online Plus site is also completely responsive so you can manage your account on the move on your mobile or tablet. 

With the ability to make payments up to £50,000 you can have dual authorisation if you want it. We'll set up the user types on your account in store automatically for you – but you can customise these if you want – for example setting the maximum value of a payment someone can input. 

Terms and conditions

To apply for Business Online Plus you need to have a Business Bank Account.

For more information on Business Online Plus please see the Business Online Plus Important Information Summary and Business Online Plus Terms and Conditions.

On 10th January 2014, there was an update to the terms and conditions for Business Online Plus. If you opened your Business Online Plus account before 9th January 2014, please read our Important Information Summary (October 2013 - 9th January 2014) and Terms and Conditions (October 2013 - 9th January 2014).

Commercial Online Banking

Commercial Online Banking

A great platform for your finance team

Commercial Online Banking gives you lots of users, different levels of access, and all the functions you could want – plus help from our Support Team.

With larger more complex accounting and finance teams, Commercial Online Banking gives you more flexible options for user rights. Different people can be given permission to view, input, verify, authorise and administer payments.

With bigger teams comes greater complexity, so the enhanced audit and search features will be useful to help track and manage your cashflow, finances and bottom line.

If you are looking for help with opening an additional account, limit changes, payment questions or general online banking troubleshooting our commercial support team can help. The commercial support team are available from 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday on 0203 402 8316 or you can email .

All the features of this account and all relevant fees are outlined in our Commercial Online Banking Important Information Summary.

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you read our Commercial Online Banking Terms and Conditions before applying for Commercial Online Banking.

 Business Internet BankingBusiness Online PlusCommercial Online Banking
Monthly maintenance fee  £0  £5 per user, per month  

£20 per month for the first account (£10 per month for each additional account)

Current account required  Any  Business Bank Account Commercial or Community Current Account
Daily external transaction limit  £21,000  £50,000 £50,000+ (can be customised)
Account-to-account transfer
Faster Payments
International payments
Bacs ✔ (With approval – speak to your Relationship Manager) ✔ (With approval – speak to your Relationship Manager)
Mobile Banking app ✘ 
Multiple payee uploads ✔ 
Enhanced audit / search features
Commercial support team ✘ 
Multi-company access 

One-time password (OTP) & Soft token (SMS)

Authentication token  Authentication token
Payment authorisation Single authorisation only Single / dual authorisation Single, dual and verify authorisation
User rights Choice of admin and view-only users Choice of view, input and authorise Choice of view, input, verify, authorise and admin


To register for Business Online Plus or Commercial Online Banking, call us or visit a store.

To register for Business Internet Banking, sign up online. 

New Business Online Plus and Commercial Online Banking

Take control of your company’s finances with our upgraded Business and Commercial Online Banking platform.

Our overhauled platform will help you keep tabs on your company’s payments when you’re in the office or out at meetings. Whether you bank with a mobile, tablet or PC, you’ll be able to manage multiple accounts and make international payments.

What's changed

What's changed

  • A new modern look and feel, with responsive design
  • You’re now able to search for your data to find what you’re looking for quicker
  • Improved workflow for customers who require more than one person to approve
  • Multi-company users can now manage all companies and associated accounts in one place
  • We’ve added an announcements page, so we can let you know when we’re going to make even better improvements to the site

Update to a new browser

Update to a new browser

Update your browser to take full advantage of our new online features. Outdated browsers could pose security threats – don’t take the risk.

To make the most of our upgrade, avoid browsers older than:

  • Mozilla Firefox 45
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Google Chrome 49
  • Opera 37
  • Apple Safari 8.0


  • I’ve forgotten my login details – what should I do?

    That depends what you’ve forgotten. To log into your account, you need:

    Your 12-digit customer number OR your username,

    Your 8-digit security number and

    Your password

    If you’ve forgotten your customer number or username, call us on 0345 08 08 508 or visit a store 

    If you know your customer number or username but have forgotten either your security number or your password, you can retrieve it via the Self-service portal.

    If you’ve forgotten both your security number and your password, call us on 0345 08 08 508 or visit a store.

  • I’ve changed my mobile number – how can I get text passcodes to set up a new payee on Business Internet Banking?

    If you get a new mobile number, you need to let us know. Call us or visit a store.

    Once we know your new number we’ll send passcodes to you as usual.

  • What are the cut-off times for Bacs, CHAPS and International Payments when I’m using internet banking?

    For CHAPS the cut-off time is 5pm and any payments must be authorised before this.

    For Bacs the cut-off time is 7pm – with payments being subject to an additional funds check after cut-off.

    For International Payments the time varies according to the currency.

    Get full details of Payment cut off times (pdf).

  • Will internet banking work in my browser?

    For Business Internet Banking you need to be using:

    Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

    Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above

    Safari 5.0 or above

    Google Chrome 17.0 or above


    For Business Online Plus or Commercial Online Banking you need to be using:

    Mozilla Firefox 45 or above

    Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or above

    Google Chrome 49 or above

    Opera 37 or above

    Apple Safari 8.0 or above

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